The Decline of the Republic – The Professional Wrestling Stage, pt2: George Gulas and Roman Reigns vs Jimmy Snuka

In the glory days of PW promoters would push performers as either faces or heels. Faces had to wrestle clean and talked a lot about fairplay and clean living and bringing the heels to justice in their spots (interviews or monologues meant to hype matches). They didn’t cheat and were respectful of fans and had limited ability to move the storyline. The burden of carrying the storyline fell to the heels who cheated, insulted the fans and whipped them up into a frenzy.

Occasionally, however, the fans had their own ideas about a wrestler. Sometimes a face given a big push didn’t go over (receive support from the fans). Sometimes the performer didn’t have the technical ability for the audience to suspend belief and sometimes they didn’t have the charisma needed to win over the crowd.

Sometimes performers pushed as heels would win over fans and be cheered instead of booed. The reasons for this were usually a combination of charisma and/or technical ability.

When the promotion realized what was going on a storyline would be created so that the performer in question could do a turn (a heel turn means going from face to heel while a face turn is the opposite).

By Hillary Clinton has been given a yuuuge push by entire political establishment but she still generates little enthusiasm. She does not have much personal charisma and the aging process is not treating her kindly as audiences hold their breath as she attempts such Herculean feats as climbing a few steps. The result is that even accompanied by superstars like Beyoncé she can barely draw 10,000 free viewers.

She’s not George Gulas. He was the son of a legendary promoter Nick Gulas, who was bound and determined to make his son a star. The few clips of Gulas on youtube show a not very athletic guy with little ring sense and no charisma. He could have been a jobber (wrestler who’s job is to lose) or even a glorified jobber (who wins against plain jobbers but loses against the stars). But the determination of Gulas the elder to push his son eventually broke the promotion in two and to the demise of the part of the promotion that had George in it. Jeb Bush is George Gulas.

Clinton is more like Roman Reigns, a competent enough technician who just doesn’t resonate with the fans to the point where he’s actively booed more than the heels he fights (but the promotion insists on still promoting as a face rather than having him do a heel turn). She has some political chops but can’t compete very well against performers with charisma. Her attempts at doing charismatic things are embarrassing or clumsily transparent (like the happy face she does when she pretends to spot an acquaintance in the crowd and waives to them).

In pure wrestling terms Trump is essentially Jimmy Snuka* in the early 1980s. Brought to the New York area as a heel his spectacular athletics and acrobatics won the crowd over and a storyline was concocted to allow him to make a face turn. A seasoned performer on TV his spots, although lacking in coherence or fluency have just enough ambiguous content so that everyone can decide that he’s saying just what they want him to (whether they think that’s good or bad is a secondary issue).

The payoff is scheduled to be on Tuesday and at this point seems to be scripted so that Clinton the face will pull out a win against the heel – who cares if the crowd isn’t behind the promotion’s storyline?… (to be continued)


*minus the murder charge

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