Clarity in Dark Places

This is my new favorite Twitter account (or do the kids say ‘feed’)?

Unlike most “progressive” media he actually travels around the parts of the country left behind in the last 5, 10, 15 (or however many) years and talks to people and listens to them and learns things from them.

And after travelling through the struggling parts of the country has a good explanation for Clinton’s loss. It reads like a post-mortem but it was actually written back in September.…

And here is a great examination of Trump voters.

The metaphor used is a the traditional classroom where the teacher’s pets (who usually have the advantage of well-off parents) sit in the front, the kids with poor or dysfunctional parents sit in the back and the mass of gray nobodies sits in the middle buffering the rich and poor kids from each other.

Clinton was and is and will always be a front row kid. Her husband was a back row kid who managed (through talent, hard work and a bit of luck) to make it out of the back row. Trump is a front row kid and doesn’t try to hide it but he knows how to talk to the back row kids. Clinton not only has no idea how to talk to them but mightily resents the need to and the back row kids hear that in every word she said.

It’s not the only reason for the election result but it’s a another, probably significant piece of the puzzle.

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