Everybody wants to end the world

I have lots of weird ideas. I find it impossible to even pretend to believe in any organized religion, but I do believe in things like metaphorical disease and something like telepathy (in both humans and some other animals) and emotional weather and the idea that memories are stored outside of our bodies (brains are radio receivers not storage devices) and that art (both good and bad) is largely directed by a collective subconscious that both helps societies process world events and sometimes brings them into being. Of course it’s necessary to take into account commercial and other factors but often art and world events seem to be in a feedback loop, reinforcing each other.

I also have a habit of taking forever to notice things that I should notice right away (like the real connection behind Occupy Wall Street, Brexit and Trump).

It just today occurred to me that the large number of films and TV series about the end the world or present society on TV and films in the last 10 years or so are an expression of a kind of collective subconscious knowledge of and unease about the tremendous social changes that are happening across much of the world.

Real world coming changes make this look like small potatoes.

The Walking Dead is an example of this. Just like every zombie movie since the Last Man on Earth and the Night of the Living Dead) is largely about a new society replacing an older one. Different viewers will relate that replacement to immigration (esp by people who are visibly and culturally distinct from the local population) or generational factors or the spread of a new religion or simply changing social mores or other ideas. What they all have in common is the story of the dispossessed remnants of the older society retreating from the new and trying to recreate the world they knew (which is, of course, impossible).

Zombies, stealing our jobs or doing work the living just won’t do?

Most of this is hardly new and I’m sure many others are more on the ball in making the connection between  apocalyptic visions and the election of Donald Trump.

Is Donald Trump a new kind of dictator….

Or an idealistic destroyer? Neither? Both? Does it matter?

I need to think more about the implications of this. This changes things….

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