Losing, it Does a Body Good

Some years ago the Polish national soccer team had an important international match (related to the Euro or World Cup) and lost. Afterwards on TV a group of experts were going over every aspect of the failure in loving detail while proposing strategies that might have worked and talking about those in enthusiastic tones. After a few minutes of this it occured to me that they were getting much more pleasure out of dissecting defeat than they would have gotten from something as banal as victory.

I think there’s something similar going on with many progressives after the Trump victory. At some level they’re sad that Clinton won’t be the first woman POTUS but at the same time they’re a little relieved. They no longer have to deal with the responsibilities of being on the winning side so they can release their inner demons for all the world to see and get angry in ways that being victorious made unseemly.

Cenk Uygur about to stop being polite and start being real….

The problem with progressive politics is that it’s based on the idea of rebeling against the status quo but when it’s winning… what do you rebel against? You can keep pushing for more and more trival “advances” like micro-aggressions or intersectinoality or transgender bathrooms but that’s a lot of work for not much return. When the bad guys take over again it revitalizes you and you can rail against the system without the dread prospect of being held accountable for anything.

That’s also where the alt-right came from – rebellion against a doudy progressive status quo.

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