You’ve Come Far Enough, Baby

Second Wave Feminism was so successful because the overall goals of the womens movement coincided with the then goals of Capital – to increase consumption.

Maybe a common thread in a lot of what’s going on now (from feminists making the case that women are too delicate to compete in the rough and tumble world of men to the non-stop glorification of the hijab in the west to the importation of violent young men who make public life dangerous for women) is that Capital has decided what it needs from women now isn’t labor to increase consumption but children to increase the consumer base (since educated working women have fewer children overall than do uneducated women stuck at home).

A common feature or result of both multiculturalism (broadly understood) and modern feminism is that the sexes need to be separated (since multculturalism brings violence prone young men with it) and/or that interactions women have with men need to be monitored by nanny figures.

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