The First Inkling

I first knew Trump had a chance to win the election way back before he even announced though I didn’t realize that at the time. In retrospect the defining moment was back around May 20, 2015 when Matress Girl graduated. At the same time, posters appeared calling her a “Pretty Little Liar”. The significance was that the posters had the quality of underground political street art, long the domain of radicals….. but on the other side.

The canary just fell off its perch and is kind of not moving, maybe if we ignore it then things will be okay…

This also happened on the heels of Gamergate, an odd episode (neither side of which I really liked). What was significant was that progressive suggestions and demands were not met with deference but rather aggressive pushback.

Remember how feminists brought progressive values to gaming? Yeah, me neither.

I’m not making any predictions on where this is all headed, it may well end up being something no one can imagine right now. The point is that little things are often pointing toward significant changes.

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