A new word?

Almost every time I type the word huge now, I go back and change it into yuuuge. I wonder if this is a passing fad or something that might catch on. It violates a basic spelling rule of English (three identical letters in a row) but yuuge looks and ‘sounds’ wrong (when I see words I ‘hear’ them in my mind’s ear).

Normalizing it to yuge takes away the special meaning that yuuuge has (don’t ask me what it is but it’s more than a stressed form of huge).

I think that yuuuge definitely is definitely word of the year for me and not post-truth  which I never heard before it’s coronoation as word of the year. Plus, making post-truth the word of the year is a blatant wonokocratic attempt to discredit critics of wonkocracy.

Maybe in a year or so people will have forgotten all about yuuuge or maybe it will have been normalized as yuuge or yuge or maybe, just maybe it’ll still be in usage as yuuuge.

As a language development that would be yuuuge .

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