Why Muslim Migration to Europe Mostly Creates Failure

If you want to know how migrants will behave in a new country there’s a very simple tool: Look at how they behaved in their own country. Wonkocrats cannot do this and are offended by the very idea that people carry values with them that will overcome the wonkocrats’ carefully crafted policies. But they do, every. single. time.

To give a concrete example, a burqa is not culture, it is a cultural practice that emerged in the application of deeply held values to a particular time and place. More specifically, it has to do with values of hierarchy and sexual segregation applied to a harsh pastoral environments (where sexual alienation and the behavioral demands of pastoralism turns women into de facto members of a herd to be managed). Cultural practices emerge and once they are established, they tend to be maintained as long as the original values remain the same. Values change slowly on their own and are immune to wonkocratic interference.

Values in action: Women as moral agents and property

Values do not change just because a person has crossed a border. Appeals and incentives to integrate do not affect peoples’ values in the slightest and do not work. What _does_ work is the forcible assimilation of migrants’ children into the new society so that the values of the new society are primary (and that takes a few generations to really work). This was long the social bargain of immigration, you get a chance at a better life and in return you let the new society socialize your children to its, not your, values. This was understood and generally agreed to despite the often painful rifts it created between generations.

There are of course individuals who are out of tune with their culture’s values and migrate to get away from them. I completely admire them but they’re irrelevant to this discussion.

Ideas like multiculturalism and celebrating diversity short circuit forced assimilation. This means that parents with extremely hierarchical values who believe that the sexes must be segregated and that men outside the family are just waiting to steal the women away so they have to be marked as being a man’s property are unhindered in their attempts at passing on these same values to their children. They also pass on their culture shock trauma at what they (completely understandably) see as immoral and degenerate practices of the new country. Thus their children are doomed to failure as they don’t’ acquire enough of the values of the new country to be able to find and hold well-paying jobs.

This is not exclusive to Muslims but large scale Muslim migration to Europe is a particularly notable example of glaring wonkocratic failure that wonkocrats seem unable to learn from. There are a few isolated success stories but most successful Muslim immigrants to Europe are of the isolated motivated individual kind who don’t feel comfortable parts of their birth culture and large scale migration has mostly produced welfare dependency and systemic failure that gets passed from generation to generation.

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