Cross Language Humor

One small benefit if knowing a few different languages are weird effects of having different words for the same thing and different meanings for the “same” word (across different languages) always bubbling around in your brain.

If you don’t play, you can’t win

I was in the Canary Islands, where people sell lottery tickets on the street. As an older man passed a middle aged lady selling tickets she quickly asked him ¿Un numerito, caballero? A ticket, sir? My mind immediately translated it literally into Polish (cause that’s the kind of thing my mind does without me telling it to), and it came out as Numerek, proszę pana? In Polish numerek (little number) can also refer to a sex act so my Polish translation could also mean A quickie, sir?

I started laughing and the Polish people I was travelling with wanted to know why so I then had to explain (which drained whatever small humor had ever been present).

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