Giving the People What They Want (Good and Hard)

Trump is not about politics or policy in any traditional sense at all. His entire shtick is calculated to provide value for the American consumer and he’s already working overtime to do that.

As long as you feel something, he’s doing his job!

What a lot of people don’t realize (I’m just beginning to realize this) is what constituency he’s doing the most for: Progressives!

He’s given them the most precious gift of all: A reason to exist.

She’s never been happier! (really, I’m completely serious)

The prospect of another semi-progressive president was terrifying for them. Progressive issues are almost always based on rebellion and when you’re in charge it’s really, really hard to effectively rebel and you get forced into ridiculous positions because when you’re a rebel too much rebellion is never enough.

Trump has solved that. Now they can forget about worrying whether they’re going too far or have to think about taking responsibility for their policies. They have four glorious years to react to yet another outrage and get the cheap high that comes from self-righteous indignation (the most addictive emotion ever).

The more practical progressives might end up deciding this is a good opportunity to retrench and prioritize… and dump the losers who are tripping out on all the soma Trump is providing. Even being under attack and having to start all over is a lot more invigorating than having to do boring stuff like draft policy and keep track of how it works.

They key to keeping rebels happy is to give them things to rebel against.

Trump is doing that.

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3 Responses to Giving the People What They Want (Good and Hard)

  1. Dreidel says:

    Hi, Cliff. Every highly entertaining word that you’ve written above is true, with one caveat:
    On Clarissa’s blog, you referred to this article as a “short story,” which in American English is understood to mean “fiction.” There’s nothing fictional about your astute observations above.

    If you’re so inclined. you might expand this article to note that conservatives are happy, too — partly because we dare to hope that at least some of Trump’s blustering promises to dismantle the more egregious of Obama’s follies will be successful — and partly because it’s so entertaining watching all the smug progressives who were so sure of their moral superiority and political acumen dissolving into absolute “chicken little” doomsday hysteria. (I don’t pity them, though. Like you said, their self-righteous indignant rebellion will give them all the reason they need to live on to fight another day.)

    It’s going to be an entertaining four years, at least.

  2. cliff arroyo says:

    “On Clarissa’s blog, you referred to this article as a “short story,”””

    by “short story” I meant something like “summary” or “short version”

    I have another post coming in a day or two on what conservatives are getting from this (versus what they think they’re getting).

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