Big Sunday for Europe – What’s at Stake

There are two incredibly important elections going on today in Europe.

Austria is about to rehold Presidential Elections. The first time around, the establishment candidate (all the political parties aligned themselves against the Freedom Party of Austria, or FPO) squeaked out a small win which was annulled when it was revealed that there were irregularities in the counting of absentee votes.

A rerun of the election was scheduled for October but in September it was put off for the ridiculous reason that the glue on the absentee ballot envelopes wasn’t strong enough. I don’t know if anyone actually believed that ridiculous story. I didn’t and don’t. Now they’re finally going to be rerun.

Simultaneously, Italy is holding a referendum on proposed changes to the government that would reduce the power of its Senate and give the central government more authority.

I’m not going to write more about the nuts and bolts of the elections here. I’m more interested about the larger issue which is part of the ongoing rebellion by voters in the West against Wonkocracy.

As a system of government, wonkocracy never recognizes human nature except as an obstacle to be overcome. People are conceived of as blank slates to be filled with government policy. To the extent that human nature is felt to exist it is sand in the gears of implementing optimal policy.

So, for example, Angela Merkel can unilaterally invite a million young men who have nothing in common linguistically or culturally or religiously with the vast majority of the population of Germany and since that is considered the correct policy at the moment, any problems are not with the policy itself but with the imperfect widgets that the wonkocrat must work through – that is the German public. If Germans are not responding correctly (by being assaulted by some migrants) then any changes that must be made start with the German public and not with the migrants or the policy.

If the pseudo-currency known as the Euro is failing, then it is the fault of the public because the Euro was the correct policy at the time. The fact that all economists predicted its failure for most of the reasons that it’s failing is irrelevant because…. it was the right policy at the time.

In Wonkocracy policy comes first divorced from historic, cultural or social context and any negative effects the policies have on people are either irrelevant or described by wonkocrats as the fault of the people themselves, policy is never flawed (if it is considered the right policy at the moment) but people are poor instruments at carrying out wonkocratic grand designs.

For what it’s worth, I’m hoping that the FPO candidate wins in Austria and the referendum is defeated in Italy. As bad as those results might be in the short term they’re far better than the results if wonkocrats are not continually challenged in Europe.

I’ve been saying for a while that unless the EU (and some member state governments) don’t change course then there will be open armed revolt in some countries within five years (my short list is Austria, Sweden and France). The one path to continued peace is through the continued rebellion against Wonkocracy until policies start to take the people living in the EU in consideration.

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