The Object of their Vituperation

I’ve spoken to a lot of people in Europe (and read a lot from a lot of different countries) and listened to a crap ton of podcasts .The mainstream reporting on the source of “far right” parties is hopelessly out of touch.

Not a problem – “Our children will be like you” (Czech magazine cover)

Xenophobia is not really the prime motivating factor. That is, it’s present to some degree but Europeans aren’t furious at migrants in their countries. They’re not necessarily thrilled with it, especially when the migrants don’t bother to learn the local language and make it clear they are uninterested in or actually repelled by the local culture. But largley they’re kind of….. irrelevant.

Much more of a problem, they will do whatever they can to keep their children from being English.

The anger, which is real and growing, is primarily aimed at their governments. The governments are deflecting the blame onto migrants because they think that will lessen the expression of dissatisfaction. And to some extent, as in Austria,that works.

The real problem and the real target of anger.

Remember, the anger isn’t against migrants, per se. Unassimilating and unassimilatable migrants are a symptom of the problem. The problem is the governments (and EU wonkocratic elite).

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