Government Sponsored Human Trafficking = Slavery Without Work

Given the way the directions the world has been heading in, I’ve long wondered if a formal recognition of slavery in some form isn’t in the cards. Now I’m beginning to realize that it’s already here, it’s just that noone is calling it slavery.

This is what I mean. A lot of people are profitting from transporting people from Africa into the Middle East into Europe.

The latest money crop for NGOs

To be sure, the citizens of no European country are crying out for new people since the continent is mostly over-populated. The people being offloaded en masse are irrelevant to work (the idea of them being able to find or keep jobs is an expensive fantasy). The people being sold have almost no chance of ever adapting to or benefitting the countries they’re being passed onto for all sorts of reasons but that’s all irrelevant.

The organizations being paid to bring people across the Mediterranean are making bank, they’re offloading the costs onto European taxpayers in the form of the many programs needed for the continued processing of the pounds of flesh they’re importing.

And many of the people involved feel good about themselves – they’re making money by treating people like potatoes to be sent to market and preening all the way.

Of course the whole thing is a giant pyramid scheme and wil collapse and fail and possibly help drag the continent into one or more small or larger wars when the populations paying for the NGOs welfare pets get fed up and turns against their governments. Over under? Depending on how the French election goes I’m saying within two or five years.


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