The DNA Made Me Buy This Dress!

Pretty much all addiction narratives seem to be about relieving people from the burden of  responsibility. The very concept of addiction itself serves to relieve the addict of responsibility and most medical models of addiction and AA are also about reinforcing a lack of free will. To be sure I’m sure there are genetic factors involved, people metabolize substances differently and the reward for different stimulants works differently as well. But to elevate genetics über alles makes me suspicious that people just don’t want to deal with underlying problems.

Putting this together with this also makes me think that the genetics argument works at the societal level as well and for the same reasons.

The correlation between voting Trump and increased addiction has been noted before. In large parts of the US vast numbers of formerly well-functioning, if not prosperous, communities have been hollowed out economically and addiction has soared.

The addiction model lets those responsible for the economic devastation (the Capital class) off the hook for the resulting terrible social effects.

“It’s not that we followed neoliberal anti-life policies beyond all reason and that we willingly sold out our fellow citizens for a few more digits in our online accounts…. they’re genetically prone to be addicts! It’s genetic I tells ya! It’s nothing to do with us!”

The problem with neoliberal policies (carried out to extreme levels) is that it’s incompatible with democracy. When you give people no stake in the system and still let them vote, they’ll vote to take the system down.

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