Why Multiculturalism Ruins Everything

A big problem with multiculturalism is that everything devolves to a least common denominator. If a school takes students religious dietary restrictions into account within a multicultural setting it will be reduced to veganism (which makes no one happy) because restrictions on animal products differ by religion. Due to economy-of-scale issues providing ten kosher lunches out of 300 costs a lot more than just another ten lunches. If you have to balance Jewish, Muslim, Seventh Day Adventist and other dietary hang-ups then the cost of the school providing lunch at all is prohibitive. So another option is to stop providing meals at all and make students bring their own.

The same thing goes for law enforcement. Societies with a diverse set of peoples with different ideas about infractions and punishments have to adopt (sooner or later) the harshest set of punishments found among the different ethno-racio-religious groups because that’s the only way to reach those people. Other solutions are different sets of punishments for different groups which is hateful to westerners or for the government to simply withdraw from law enforcement (as is happening in the UK) and groups have to look out for themselves or submit to being preyed upon by the most violent sub-groups.

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