Westworld is Haunting My Mind

I’ve just started watching Westworld (just the first three episodes so far) and it is seriously getting to me. It is far, far, far, far better than the okay but horribly dated movie from the 1970s. That was okay but was hindered by the technology available at the time.

I’ll probably be writing a lot more as the series develops and unless there’s a strong drop in quality I’ll probably have a lot to say when I’m done.

All art about the future is really about the present, and all art that uses unreal technology is about the world without that technology. I’m not completely sure, but I think it’s about the emerging new class system in the post nation state period.

There are three classes.

The overclass are the guests who inflict chaos with impunity in order to be able to feel something.

Skinning you alive because…. why not?

The technical class services the infrastructure for the overclass’s amusement. They despise the overclass but serve them since their own position requires it.

The top of the technical class are still glorified pimps….

The underclass are helpless and dehumanized, interchangeable playthings to fuck and kill (in some order). When one of the underclass is killed the technical class comes in and cleans up the mess and there’s a new plaything in their place the next day.

It’s only fun to kill them if they can fight back….

I’m not sure if that’s on point, but that’s what I’m thinking now.

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