Borderline, Feels Like I’m Gonna Lose My Mind

I strongly disagree with this. Especially the idea that:

“There is no fundamental principle of the universe that compels us to erect man-made divisions of geography”

It may not be a principle of the universe, but it is a principle of human nature. Human beings are both territorial and tribalistic. For all the faults of the Nation State, borders are basically A Very Good Thing and solve many more problems than they cause. In a pre-nationalistic state crossing another group’s boundaries could easily get you killed because any outsider was a threat. Borders establish protocols for safe movement.

“The notion that being born five miles south of the US-Mexico border makes you fundamentally different from someone born five miles north of that border is an absurdity, an arbitrary trick of history and chance.”

Okay, here’s the problem. Absent borders how do you establish what language the schools operate in? How do you establish which set of laws apply?

English speaking North America and Spanish speaking Latin America are two very different places with different majority values. There is no practical and graceful way to combine the two in a single place.

The US and Mexico border allows Americans to order their side the way they want to and it allows Mexicans to order their side the way they want to. Without borders how do you pay for infrastructure or decide what infrastructure is even needed?

Speaking of Germany he concludes:

” Nations only divide, and they do so with borders written in blood. They must be left behind in favor of a worldwide embrace of the right of free movement and true human equality.”

Well I live in Poland a country whose current borders are mostly written in blood. And if there weren’t clear borders the blood would likely still be flowing. The border between Germany and Poland may be a good deal to the west of where Germans would ideally like it (and Poland’s border with Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine are also somwhere to the west of where some Poles would like it). But as long as everybody agrees about where the borders are there’s no need for war.

Within the EU and Schengen the German-Polish border is now a tad blurry with some Germans moving to the Polish side and Poles to the German side for various reasons. But with a clearly demarked and agreed upon border both sides can agree about what law, language and culture take precedence in any given area. Without that agreement in place Germans moving into a predominantly Polish area (or vice versa) is likely (and quite rightly) to be regarded as an existential threat.

Agreed upon and recognized borders are the best thing that ever happened to Poland and its greatest guarantee of peace.

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