Translational Discombobulations

Doing a really tough translation now. The language is very weird and confusing and fights me every inch of the way. It’s not so much that the language is difficult – I’m used to academic style in Polish. It’s just…. weird. The topic is an area of German law. So to give an idea of how weird the original reads in Polish, I took a couple of sentences from a different (English) text and jumbled it up some

“Left to commanders of the Alliance were decisions upon the enactment, from zone to zone differing in specificity, of implementational details, a process that at, usually, the local level was commenced. The most notorious, including those who were judges and prosecutors, Nazis, under the imposition of “mandatory arrest were interned indefinitely for varying periods of time.”

And it’s not just me, I showed some of the sentences to a Polish native speaker (with a PhD) who found it very puzzling and awkward and who just walked away shaking his head. Every paragraph seems to have at least one passage like that. Again and again I’m grasping at straws trying to figure out how to rearrange it to make sense in English.

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