Ignoring Unpleasant Realities

A big problem with multiculturalism is that the most fervent supporters don’t seem to believe anything like culture really exists. Culture in their view is new, interesting types of food and maybe funny ways of dressing that have no deeper meaning to those dressing that way than to provide entertainment value for enthusiasts of multiculturalism. They don’t seem to ever realize that different people have different values (at the group level)

A value is simply a preference for one state of affairs over others (and/or choosing the least objectionable state of affairs when none of the options are optimal).

Is the relationship between husband and wife supposed to be equal or subordinate?

If relationships are supposed to be equal then are duties of wife and husband interchangeable or complementary?

What options should there be for either when they are unhappy with the marriage?

Should children respect their parents?

Should there be a hierarchy between siblings?

How important is formal education?

How important is it to behave well in public (and what does ‘behave well’ mean)?

How important is it to know what the truth is?

How important is it to fulfill one’s social duties?

The answers to these and hundreds of similar questions are how values are formed.

While the entire range of human values can be found in any single society, the percentages differ from society to society.

Life in a society where a majority think that children should show respect for the parents is very different than one in which most people think that children don’t owe their parents respect.

Life in society where education is valued as a perpetual resource that should be available for all is very different than life in a society where education is a one time process for the young that cannot be renewed once it has stopped.

Life in a society where most social roles can be carried out by either sex is very different from one where there are discrete sets of possible life paths for men and women.

Sometimes these are essentially irreconcilable. That is both cannot really coexist in the same place at the same time. Again, either one group gives up and accepts the other group’s value or separate legal systems are set up (and the western value of equal treatment under the law is given up).

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