Binging vs. Savoring vs. Spoiling

I don’t get the whole idea of binge watching. The more I enjoy a series the more I’m liable to want to draw out the process by not viewing more than episode at a time (and to put in some empty days between episodes). I’m liking Westworld more than anything I’ve seen in a while (and oh yeah I am so gonna be writing more about it) so I’m savoring it, purposefully dripping the episodes rather than binging on them all at once.

I can totally get into the idea of binge re-watching series that I enjoy and have done that. But the first time through I’m fine with taking things as slowly as possible.

On the other hand I have no problem with spoilers. One of my favorite Southern writers, Flannery O’Connor described the whole plot of one of her most famous stories (A Good Man is Hard to Find) when doing a public reading. Knowing what’s going to happen removes one layer of tension and adds another. The big question isn’t what is going to happen but how it will play out, external tension is replaced by inner tension. I’m much more interested in inner tension than external tension.

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