The Perils of Trusting People

This is what happens when a high trust society lets in a bunch of low trust migrants. A society’s level of social trust is the percentage of people who believe that most people can be trusted, that they’re not out to cheat them. The general rule in Europe is that more northern and western countries are high trust societies while the east and south tend to low trust.

The entire Middle East is extremely low trust. Anyway, thanks to my time in Poland (communism destroys social trust) I now realize exactly what will happen here. One migrant will arrange for a couple of his buddies to slightly ruffle him up in front of 20 or more other migrants and voila! They can’t be deported! Depending on how gullible the German authorities are they might not need to do that even. All they have to do is make up stories of being attacked and can continue to live off the teat of the German taxpayers.

This law may or may not reduce right wing violence – it will surely help drive up support for right wing parties, the less polite the better. And Europe takes another step on the road to war…

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