Trump’s Best Enemies

This is what I mean when I say that unhinged Trump enemies are working to get him re-elected. All that all the drahma and hysteeeria are accomplishing is lowering the bar for Trump’s performance.

All he has to do now is not cause the complete collapse of the Western World for people to claim his (undoubtedly undistinguished) presidency is ‘better than many expected’ and that he’s ‘proving his critics wrong’.

I don’t necessarily blame O’Donnell because the day I look to entertainers to inform me politically is the day I jump off a tall building into the warm embrace of the asphalt below. But this isn’t even the most demented anti-Trump thing I’ve seen.

Why are people working so hard to make almost anything he does look like a success compared to the doomsday predictions?

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2 Responses to Trump’s Best Enemies

  1. matt says:

    couldn’t agree more with this point. unless he actually uses nuclear weapons or has internment camps he will be drastically less offensive than liberals say. On top of that, he also has signature “public wins”. The carrier deal is the highest touted (whether true or not, and i am inclined to say true, because if clinton was elected its almost certain none of the 700-1000 jobs would have been saved) blue collar job program at least since the year 2000. To be clear, more than 700 jobs have been created at times, but not due to a specific campaign promise in such a visible way. That alone will be in every ad for trump and midwester senators in 2018 and 2020. How do the democrats counter that?

    • cliff arroyo says:

      “How do the democrats counter that?”

      How do the Republicans counter it? One of the reasons he won is that he was willing to disregard the political sacred cows of both parties. Is there any indication that the republican establishment sees parts of his agenda as a way forward? Or do they still have a hard on for what could have been had Cruz won the nomination? (He’d have been destroyed by Clinton but I’m not sure they wanted to win at all).

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