From the Mountains to the Sea…

I checked out of the Israeli-Palestinian thing a long time ago and no longer have any real emotional or psychic investment in how it plays out. I know better than to keep digging in a dry well but French politicians are different and willing to go to enormous effort to make meaningless gestures.

The problem with the two state solution for Israel and Palestine is that neither side wants it and so it’s a non-starter. Basically, both sides want all of the land for themselves and are willing to wait it out for a very long time to reach their goal of getting rid of the other.

Israelis are probably more…. open? tolerant? of the idea but still it doesn’t seem to excite them very much. A two-state solution would be a consolation prize, a sister-kisser. Why bother?

The Palestinians however really don’t want it and basically….. (how to put this diplomatically?) don’t have what it takes to run a functioning society (apart and separate from their conflict with Israelis). Even if Israel didn’t exist the Palestinians would not be able to run a functional society and would be absorbed by neighboring states.

The biggest problem with the Palestinian side is there is no Palestinian side, there’s two big factions (it’s probably more complicated but I don’t much care so I’m not going to investigate it further). Crucially, there is no Palestinian leadership that can deliver an unpopular policy at ground level. Any two-state solution would make a lot of people on both sides unhappy but Israel can (when it wants, which is not always) deliver policy agreements on the ground and the Palestinians…. can’t. There’s no point in negotiating given that. It’s kabuki theater to allow people to thwarble about how great it is that peace is possible. In this case it isn’t.

Wake me up when the status quo I described changes. I’ll wait.

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