The Two Faces of the Donald

What’s going on now with Trump is new territory for the country (at last post WWII). I can think of two possible scenarios.

  1. The Deep State feels threatened by him and wants to sabotage him and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the meantime. If so, this almost puts me on Trump’s side since the Deep State (to the extent that such a thing exists) is dominated by neoliberal bloodsuckers and neocon war mongers that have done their best to ruin the country.
  2. Trump himself is the ultimate deep stater and this is all show. That is, his campaign was designed to address issues that matter to many or most Americans care about (and which the US government doesn’t) but once in office he’ll continue the Neoliberalcon status quo with a vengeance.

The first seems slightly more probable. I have no illusions that he’ll be able to get much done since he has no political experience (and getting things done in business is about 567 times easier than in politics). But still, he is the first national politician in many, many years to publically question any part of the Neoliberalcon status quo, so that’s interesting, at least. We’ll see if any, who do understand how to get things done, decide to follow suit.


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