The Fizzle that is “Fake News”

Propaganda began as a descriptive term for a certain kind of information processing (emphasizing the positive, minimizing the negative). Over time it came to label the content. The same thing also happened to Conspiracy Theory as it changed from a descriptive term of information gathering (theorizing about people working together out of the public light) and became a derogatory label for any such theorizing (despite numerous confirmed conspiracies).

As far as I can tell, Fake News has already gone through this same process. Rather than describing a process (making up stuff and passing it off as real) for many people it now has become a shorthand description of the content and that description is roughly “Something the authorties don’t want you to take seriously”. Traditional media is still doggedly using it, but it seems to have already become a joke for everyone but True Believers who want martial law over Trump…

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