More Dumb Anti-Trump Strategy

The idea that boycotting the inauguration will hurt Trump’s legitimacy (or prove to the American publica that his election was illegitimate) is completely bass-ackwards. The meta-message sent out by politicians boycotting Trump is: Trump is a danger to the established order in Washington D.C. In other words, those boycotting and denouncing him are strengthening the conviction of those that voted for him that they were right BECAUSE THEY WANT TO THREATEN THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT!
The first step of recovering from a loss is understanding why you lost. Complaining that the winner is illegitimate because he isn’t doing what you’d do if you’d won is worse than useless.
The single biggest reason Trump won is that enough people have no stake in the current system that they are willing to break it by electing a destroyer, hoping that what comes after it might suit them better because it can hardly be worse. The Democrats are determined to tell them how right they were.

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