Changing the Conversation = Winning

This is very wrong. Even if judges strike down all of Trump’s immigration orders then he’s still won because he’s changed the conversation. The idea that the US must take in large numbers of immigrants and/or refugees is now dead. The ACLU is now running defense rather than offence (to use a football metaphor).

Actually the only part of Trump’s immigration executive orders that really bothers me concerns those with Green Cards and those who already have valid visas. That’s because it stinks of retro-active legislation. From a purely legal standpoint that’s the only thing I don’t like about it. I would prefer to extend it to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia but that’s me. As long as Saudi Arabia has oil the US has to pretend that it is an ally and not a mortal enemy.

Please note that this does not mean that I hate muslims or want to end immigration forever, I didn’t say that Trump’s orders reflect my values or goals, just that they’re mostly within the law.

Getting back to the main point here, there is nothing in the constitution requiring that non-citizens from all over the world be allowed to visit or immigrate to the US. Travel or immigration to any country is dependent on the laws of said country and the laws are (or should be) dependent on the will of the citizenry (or a majority thereof).

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