Hope on the Big, Charismatic, Bright Red Fish Front

In a different space-time continuum I might have become a marine biologist. Swimming around in the sea looking for new weird fish sounds like one of the best jobs ever.

It probably wouldn’t have been that easy, in fact I’m sure it would have been damned hard. I’m sure there would have been a crapton of paperwork and older veterans in the field would have given a dry behind the ears newcomer like me a hard time. They would have laughed at my theories of stingray social organization and played cruel practical jokes involving distressed flounders. But I would have worked really hard to gain their respect by proving a certain percentage of lobsters engage in non-gender conforming behavior and I would have made them fall in love with the sea and her mysteries all over again.

Anyway, this brings me to this storythis brings me to this story and my favorite quote of the decade so far:

“The discovery showed us that we can still find big, charismatic, bright red fish that no one has ever seen before.”

I love the odd specificity of it. She’s not interested in socially awkward, bright red fish or charismatic, dull red fish, she wants the whole package and will settle for nothing less. It just goes to show that if you want something badly enough the whole universe will conspire to let you get it.

Well done,  Ms. Stiller, well done indeed.

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