Gotta Get ‘em All!

This is very true. Unfortunately, there is no sign that that the democratic establishment will do the work to create a narrative about immigration that most rank and file Americans will respond to with anything but indifference (at best) and outright scorn at worst.

The reason for this is simple: Progressives can’t bring themselves to say “No!” to someone they perceive as being victimized (and they see anyone who isn’t a US citizen as being victimized). Forming a coherent narrative on immigration is partly about who should be let in under what conditions and….. who shouldn’t. At present progressives have locked themselves into a ridiculous position in that they can’t bring themselves to say who shouldn’t try to immigrate or who shouldn’t be allowed to enter or who shouldn’t be allowed to stay.

This leaves them with the default narrative: “We think every human on Earth has an inalienable right to immigrate to the US, entirely on their own terms and no one should ever be deported for any reason.”

This is not going to win any elections, least of all among immigrants themselves, many of whom want to get away from their birth cultures and are not happy about the prospect of it following after them.

But it’s where the Democrats are stuck now. Without rules for excluding some people there is no immigration policy.

The irony, of course, is this is just another flipside of American Exceptionalism: The US isn’t a country that should be concerned with the things that concern countries – it’s a universal philosophy that all aspire to. It’s an idea that most progressives would scornfully dismiss when presented to them openly, but they accept the basic premise.

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