Hoisted on their own Rhetoric

One reason progressives are doing so badly lately is that they have become terrible at rhetoric (and even worse at slogans, a related but separate area). This is a great example of how modern feminist rhetoric can be used against women (and doctors providing abortion services, in this case).

“The upshot of this strange caveat is that even if a doctor complies with Florida’s “informed consent” requirements, and has proof of this compliance signed by the patient herself, the patient can still sue if she feels she did not really have the information she was owed.”

This idea that women can decide after the fact that they did not really consent to something is straight out of third wave feminist thought on rape where nothing a woman does or says means she consented (including saying “I consent.”) if she later decides that maybe she didn’t really consent.

Both conservatives and third wave feminists seem to be united in the conviction that adult women aren’t moral agents who sometimes make bad decisions but delicate beings whose emotions are so complex that they can take years to process. Therefore need special legal protections lest they bring harm upon themselves through their emotional instability.

Be careful of what you argue for, as they say because people might take you seriously.

ps. I left a comment saying much the same thing in abbreviated form at the article. It was deleted.


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