Grammys and Appropriation and the Like

Looking at this I’m wondering how much longer it will be before “progressives” start demanding that there be quotas for non-white artist nominations and awards or just all out call for separate awards for non-white artists.

The grammys have always been kind of a joke and I’m not crazy about Beyonce or Adele but getting this upset about an artist (who already has over 20 grammys) not winning is just deranged.

What I don’t’ get is why Adele is immune to charges of cultural appropriation since she (and a whole generation of British female vocalists) have done have modeled their whole styles on 1970s African American singers. Adele has more than a passing resemblance to Candi Staton. Maybe because she’s British and maybe because she has the backing of major corporations and maybe because African American singers don’t want to sing soul music anymore…. but it’s weird.

It might be worth mentioning that this is something that has happened before, Black performers move on from a style and then whites move in to take it up. For myself I prefer the originals and would rather listen to Jackie Moore and Gloria Scott and Esther Phillips than the current Brit crop of soul stylists but at least Adele sings about recognizable human emotions (unlike so much of modern music) so there’s that.

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