Muslim Ban

On the one hand, Muslim Ban is a great political slogan. It isn’t accurate and doesn’t make logical sense since the EO in question was not remotely an actual ban on Muslims in general entering the US. But that doesn’t matter in terms of political slogans which bypass logic in order to work at the gut emotional level. Muslim Ban offends the basic American ideals of fair play and non-discrimination and is a good slogan in those terms.

On the other hand, this could work against Trump’s foes since it’s not at all clear that an actual ban on Muslims entering the US would be unpopular, especially if lots of low income, low education Muslims were to arrive in the US. Western Europe has a lot of experience with large scale muslim immigration and it hasn’t exactly been a big hit.

This article points to a poll This article points to a poll where the countries with the largest amounts of immigration from Muslim majority countries (UK, Belgium, France, Austria) show an average of 58 % of those surveyed in support of a ban on Muslim immigration. It should be pointed out that all these countries have large high profile Muislim minorities. Europe has been facilitating immigration from Muslim majority countries for over 50 years and it’s impossible to find a single country where the process could be defined as a success (in terms of their economic contribution outweighin the economic and social costs – 70 % of prison inmates in France are Muslim).

The unpleasant fact is that mainstream Muslim values (across the Muslim world) have been coalescing around an very retrograde traditionalism that includes gender essentialism, sexual segregation, regligious triumphalism and open disrespect for secular education and laws. Moving to western countries does not weaken those trends, it strengthens them (according to all the data). For example the values of gender essentialism and sexual segregation mean that very few Muslim work. Cultural factors mean that there is almost no outmarriage and so there are no blood ties between the Muslim minority and the mainstream.

As I wrote earlier, the more immigrants you want the less you can afford to look at them as individuals and the more you have to look at them in terms of cultural background. That’s not a pretty picture, but…. it’s true.

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