The Glass may be Broken, but it’s Still Partly Full…

I was talking politics with one of the few Americans in Poland that I know at present. He had been away from Poland (and the US) for a few months and we were catching up on the craziness of the campaign.

He said that one thing that he liked about the result was that the establishment in both parties got screwed. Clinton, clearly the establishment darling, had to face a real challenge in Sanders and finally went down to defeat in the general (he really dislikes her, always has). Trump meanwhile won the nomination and election despite most of the republican establishment hating him. Trump wasn’t his preferred candidate (he was for Sanders all the way and thought Kasich was underrated) but still prefers the idea of Trump over Clinton and even liked parts of Trump’s address to Congress (which I have avoided listening to).

This is what realignment looks like, being in favor of screwing the powers that be even if it won’t fix things in a hurry and giving the winner the benefit of a doubt even though you thought he was a joke a year ago.

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