What if they had an International Women’s Day and Nobody Cared?

Yesterday was International Women’s Day…. In the communist period it was an compulsory big deal in Poland but after escaping the Soviet sphere it pretty rapidly lost relevance. People thought of it mostly as a Soviet imposition and while it’s still on the calendar, a large majority of people don’t really pay attention to it.

Standing on stage with one sad, dying flower each…. what an honor!

Which is probably for the best. International Women’s Day is just a weak way to camouflage the fact that the other 364 days of the year are de facto International Men’s Days (365 in leap years!).

“Women’s Day is over… Men’s Year starts again”

And women were supposed to be so stupid and gullible that they would accept a bouquet of flowers and a bad poem about the importance of women and maybe a small party hosted by men in lieu of equality and respect the rest of the year. The places where women most need equality and respect are the least likely to buy into International Women’s Day. Similarly, the countries with the greatest gender equality need the holiday the least.


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