Liking Food I Don’t Like

One of the odder meals in Poland comes from the Catholic tradition of not eating meat on Fridays. Along with the boiled or mashed potatoes there are a couple of hard boiled eggs. Then a sauce flavored with a lot of horseradish is poured over the eggs. It’s just called eggs in horseradish sauce (jajka w sosie chrzanowym).

Okay, it tastes a lot better than it sounds…. or looks.

I make the sauce with vegetable broth thicken with a little flour and pour in a crap ton of horseradish (I am not into subtle flavors….) and then some sour cream or milk. It sounds kind of odd but is great when you have a stuffed up nose.

I used to hate horseradish in the US but it really makes some dishes in Poland. Soft boiled eggs with a little mayonaise and horseradish is very yummy and a friend makes a delicious appetizer wtih herring, sour cream and horseradish, in theory I don’t like two of the main ingredients but I wolf the combination down like a hungry dog.

And Polish horseradish is just a lot….. better than any I’ve had in other countries. I used to think that it simply fits in better to Polish cooking than it does American but about a year ago in Germany there was some horseradish in the breakfast bar… and it wasn’t very good. So know I’m thinking some countries just make some things better (I swear I can taste the difference between paprikas from Hungary and from anywhere else).



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