Feminism…. is still Dead

This gruesome spectacle (warning: the worst graphic in the world might induce seizures) provides more evidence, as if any was needed, that feminism is dead. Just two sample quotes from reporter who originally reported this case (including reporting the suspect’s desire to be referred to as ‘they’ instead of ‘he’).

“I was like, ‘Holy shit, I don’t want to be misidentifying Pablo”

A woman was killed by a biological man and the reporter is concerned about his pronoun comfort level.

“I look back to the person who had written me, and she was like, ‘Thank you so much’”

Two women with a common goal: Making sure the pronouns used about a probable cold-blooded killer (who’s biologically male) don’t cause him discomfort.

This is a pretty far cry from Sisters Doing It For Themselves, it’s Sisters Doing It For Him.

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