Well the difficulty comes when race and culture (mostly) coincide as is the case of US blacks. Black might be a racial category on the census form but at ground level I’d argue that it’s also a cultural category that some racially Black people in the US do not belong to (and some non-Blacks arguably do).

US blacks (regardless of social class) follow different socio-cultural norms from social interactions, to gender norms to dress to food to religious observance in ways that wouldn’t be expected if Black were only a racial term…

But the kerfuffle about Dolezal seems very weird because it seems that there are those who simultaneously want race to be an entirely social category with no biological basis but simultaneously want rigid biological boundaries drawn around it.

That makes no sense especially when compared to the CW about sexes which simultaneously manage to be non-biological and essentialist… well technically the attitudes about both race and gender are simultaneously based on non-biological essentialism but with totally different results. Not only that, but of the two they have exactly the wrong order: They say that gender can be changed but race cannot?

This is highly counter-intuitive since sex differences are essential in ways that racial differences aren’t. A mono-racial por non-racial human society is quite possible, a mono-gendered or non-gendered human society is not. Human beings, to use gender activist terminology, are a cishetnormative species. Humans would die out in a generation without cishetnormative sexual reproduction – any other reproduction is artificial, expensive and based on not always reliable technology.

If anything I’m more likely to accept Dolezal’s self-identification as Black than Bruce Jenner’s claim to have become Caitlyn. I have no problem with the transgendered in theory – if anything I admire the way they prioritize free well and human self-fulfillment over the arbitrary biological fact of birth. But one  personal pre-condition for accepting Caitlyn is accepting the existence of Bruce (as Jenner themself does) another pre-condition is that I have to be able to accept the self-designation by Dolezal (and Shaun King) that they are Black.

All told, the behavior of US academics in the Tuvel case is beyond reprehensible, those who are afraid to speak out are placing social conformity over truth and lying to themselves which is the quickest way to hell possible. If they want to create torment anddamnation for themsleves then fine, but they are also making it easier for the enemies of education to raze the universities as irrelevant – because they are making universities irrelevant.

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2 Responses to Trans-X

  1. Z says:

    Yes, although the issue is that you don’t get to choose to be white unless you look it. And no matter how black I may claim I am, I will never be treated as a black person.

    But then I am not politically correct, either. Transgendered people don’t seem male or female to me, they seem to occupy other positions on the gender spectrum. Even if they look realistically like the gender they want to be and say they identify that way, they seem faux — in the way my doing a good job of seeming Mexican, and my identification with Mexico, adds up to a fairly good act but is still faux. (And I do realize this is NOT the Right Thing To Say.)

  2. cliff arroyo says:

    “Yes, although the issue is that you don’t get to choose to be white unless you look it. ”

    True of any racial label which is why ‘trans-racial’ people whether Dolzeal or Shaun King or a genterically Native American who aspires to being white do their best to…. simulate the desired racial category, whether it’s primarily hair (like Shaun King) or skin tone (like a Peruvian woman I slightly knew who wore what seemed like several layers of whitening makeup…. on her face, assuming apparently that people wouldn’t contrast that with her very brown arms).

    I agree about your perceptions of most transgendered people, transgendered do a better job than others of performing their gender aspirations. This person isn’t doing bad physically but the emotional outflow in the rambling description is about as masculine (culturally) as strawberry shortcake riding my little pony….

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