Things will be great when you’re Downton!

I’ve been watching Downton Abbey (about halfway through the final seasons at this time). And I’m not quite sure what the appeal is. The production is handsome enough and the characters are distinct and vivid enough but it’s terrible at storytelling. It’s repetitive and often unimaginitive and about as subtle as an anvil dropped on the viewers head from the second floor.

Who can forget the thrilling broth story line?

It’s also anachronistic (all sorts of modern expressions like “this isn’t who you are” or “steep learning curve” are thrown around) and the relationship between the family and servants is completely ridiculous and unrealistic. Working as a servant for the Crawleys’ seems like a pretty sweet gig but in reality people fled service as soon as there was any other option.

All that said, it is entertaining and a strangely restful (after the carnage of the third season) way to spend an hour or so in the evening. I’m still trying to figure out why….


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