Democrats Are Useless

It’s worth noting that the truly horrifying story on modern debt peonage (or indentured servitude if you will) in the United Fucking States of America was published on June 16, three weeks ago, and has not created a mass wave of outrage. It’s the kind of story that should get people protesting and burning down corporate headquarters.

And…. nothin’.

A quick check makes it seem that neither vox or slate have picked the story up (huffington post either has no search option or has cleverly hidden it). Instead they’re continuing on their long running and excruciatingly stupid and boring crush on Trump (it’s obvious they are his biggest fans). I only saw the story because it was linked to by a Steve Sailer reader….

It’s a custom made issue for progressives and….. nuthin.

Burn the Democratic Headquarters down and start over.

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3 Responses to Democrats Are Useless

  1. WRB says:

    Republicans never cared about such situations as a matter of principle

    Democrats used to care but they no longer do.

    What would it take for Democrats to care? Perhaps, if the trucking companies refused to deliver wedding cakes for same-sex weddings?

    • cliff arroyo says:

      Well one reason Clinton lost was disengagement from economic issues like this. Clinton herself is too fond of money (and rich donors) to get very excited about economic exploitation (she’s firmly on the side of the exploiters).
      Sanders cares about this type of thing and look what happened to him.
      Useless, useless party (to be clear so are the republicans…).

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