Of Plants and Jobs

I once read that the perpetual conflict between insects that want to eat plants and the ways that plants deal with them (including offering the insects juicy bits in exchange for leaving the rest of the plant alone) make all other life possible on earth. That’s surely a simplification but it reminds me of the current economic environment.

On the one hand, business and technology are at present allied in a protracted campaign to destroy jobs outright through automation/digitalization and to pay as little as possible for the jobs that are unavoidable (through low skilled immigration and offshoring and the like).

Meanwhile governments are doing what they can to create jobs, even if the jobs are phony (Potemkin companies or increasing state bureaucracy) or only need to be performed to spare the citizenry some of the consequences of the business and technological assault on labor and people who want to support themselves by the sweat of their brow (social workers).

My first thought is that companies like Uber are what springs up in that context, scavengers who create nothing besides hooking up customers to short term service providers (rather likea pimp) and outsource the risks of running a business to workers. But then there’s worse, far far worse.

Anyone who’s ever tempted to feel something like loyalty toward a corporate employer needs to remember that if they could they would enslave you. Literally.

This is the type of issue that could win elections for the Democrats if they had the balls to take it and run with it, but they’re busy with their jr high gossip and giggling and so they’ll keep losing.

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