The Dog That Doesn’t Bark, Dammit!

Okay, all I could think of while I was reading this was: “She is totally wanting to dump this guy and is working up the nerve”. I think the weird greivance behind her humble brag about what a great guy he is reveals the truth: She doesn’t want a great father for her child that helps her career – she wants to be a martyr and this amiable shmuck is getting in the way. She does her best to present herself as a victim (and displays a powerful longing for the world of the Handmaiden’s Tale) but it’s hard when she doesn’t have any real greivances.

I’m not saying she’s gonna dump him today or tomorrow or next week, just that if she was really, really wanting to and had to write an article about how great he is the result would be like a lot like this. A lot.

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One Response to The Dog That Doesn’t Bark, Dammit!

  1. Clarissa says:

    Totally. She sounds resentful that she gets no opportunities to feel victimized. The part about getting the likes on a post is especially idiotic.

    God, people truly love to feel like victims.

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