Occam’s Razor, Right to the Wrists…

Some people seem horrified and puzzled why this writer would behave the way she does (the behavior itself can be found at the links I’d rather not expound on the specifics here). I understand being horrified. What I don’t understand is people’s confusion about her motives. They could not be clearer.

The key lies in an old story: An old man is going on a walk in the woods and finds a sack full of gold coins that someone dropped. Back home, he’s scared that if anyone finds out about his good fortune then they’ll steal the gold from him. He thinks long and hard about how to hide the gold so well that no one could ever find it. He decides to bury it in his garden where turned soil would not raise any suspicions. But in a few days he becomes nervous. He thinks and thinks and finally comes up with the answer: He puts a sign up over the garden that reads: “There are no gold coins buried here”. The next morning the garden was dug up and the gold was gone and he never was able to figure out how anyone figured out the truth behind his cunning plan.

Keeping that in mind the moral of the story is clear: She wants one of her sons to kill himself already and she wants the other to stop dawdling and become a rapist already.

I’m fairly sure she’s not entirely conscious of these desires, but it’s the quickest and easiest explanation for her actions. When somebody loudly and repeatedly says “I just never want you to X” then nine out of ten times it means “Just go ahead and X already! Do I have to spell it out for you?” The more clearly and the more in detail they go the more an indication it is of impatient desire rather than any kind of warning.

People rarely talk about real fears, they avoid the subject and change it if it comes up. But if someone repeatedly talks at great length about something it’s usually because they want it but are scared (and titillated) by the possibility.

She doesn’t just want to destroy her sons, she has very specific plans and instructions for them and she keeps explaining them in public, hoping that the sons will _finally_ take the hint.

If I had to guess I’d say the author is addicted to feelings of victimization and is doing what she can to turn herself into as much of a victim as possible. If she can turn the one son into a rapist, then she’s free of all responsibility of her relationships with men because of rape culture and the inherently corrupt nature of men. If she can get the other to off himself she’ll be able to bask in the warm glow of having done all she could becoming a mater dolorosa while maintaining her feminist bonafides.

For the sons the best answer is to escape her malevolent influence, to cut off all contact with this toxic demon and get treatment for themselves. There’s no way they can save her or their relationship with her unless she realizes just what she’s doing and gets help for herself but judging by how often she goes off in public the reactions (positive and negative) are just feeding whatever sickness it is that she draws on in her campaign to destroy her sons’ lives.

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