Not Making the Connections

I find it perversely funny when someone has put the pieces together and still doesn’t see the picture.

Bulgarian women have the same traditional male pleasing qualities of Ukrainian women.

Bulgaria has the same type of problems of corruption and poverty as Ukraine.

The working hypothesis (from this any many other examples) should be – when large numbers of women prioritize maximizing their physical attractiveness and seductive manner to an excessive degree, that’s a very sure sign of deep societal dysfunction.

It’s like a society where men go out of their way to appear tough and dangerous.

No, it’s not any kind of natural order of things, it’s a crude burlesque of healthy relationships and produces societies of  people who are miserable and want nothing more than escape.

But PUA’s tend to burn any capactiy for normal human relationships out of themselves and then blame everyone but themselves for the result. The idea that they have useful ideas for societal reform is beyond ludicrous.

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1 Response to Not Making the Connections

  1. goldsteinweb says:

    You know what after we have a new tax payer money funded internet pillory against “anti-feminist”, I take the opposing view. It is not right only to look at women as equals we should also see them as objects of lust. *g*

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