Why does the BBC Want to Normalize Burkas?

Who knows? But they sure do.

What’s interesting is the phrasing, burkas are re-imagined as perfectly normal and those who find them alien or offputting are wrong and half to follow a specific etiquette in speaking of them. How on earth did the UK get to such a low point? What’s next? Things not to say to an honor killer? Things not to say to a cannibal?

One flaw (of many) with multi-culturalism is that absent assimilation as a goal diverse groups want to maintain and preserve their distinct identities because that’s where respect comes from in multiculturalism. In order to do this they may well end up mining their culture for things that will purposefully antagonize other groups.

Of course Saudi evangelism is another factor in spreading the burka, but the desire to maintain distinct identities (embodied in diverse cultural practices) is another.

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5 Responses to Why does the BBC Want to Normalize Burkas?

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  2. goldsteinweb says:

    They are actually wearing niqabs not burkas. I live in Germany and know the difference. It’s that net over the eyes that make a burka a burka. It is also one piece of gown while the niqab is only the headveil seperate from the abaja, the gown. Most popular color for burkas is blue, most popular color for niqab is black. Burkas are a tradition from central Asia (Afghanistan), niqabs are Arab.

    Anyway, like always, you make a lot of sense. So, are you a liberal from the evil middle America?

    • cliff arroyo says:

      Technically I think any face covering is niqab (as opposed to hijab, formerly known as tarha). But in English burka/burqa has become the default form to refer to any muslim folk costume that covers the face (and what the vile video in question uses).

      My politics are a weird individualized mix of left and right – my main criteria is being in favor of policies that work in strengthening civil society and human happiness and being against policies that weaken those.

      So while I’m generally against the ruling party in Poland (PiS) at present (whose leader has spoken against the very idea of civil society) I support their refusal to accept Merkel’s second hand “refugees” (though no one believes they would actually stay in Poland, it’s the principle of the thing).

      • goldsteinweb says:

        Thank you for the answer. I’m also independent first and conservative-leaning second. It is only that conservative topics have become so relevant recently (under Merkel). Until the Sarsour pussy marches I considered myself a feminist.

        I have read that you spent two longer episodes of your life in Poland. That is why I was asking about where you originally come from. Your English is above most native speakers’ writings and you posted on US politics. So I thought you are American, but a sensible American. You could still be from New York, Vermont or California. The Polish are such down to earth people that whatever germ you might have brought with you it may have been healed there. It is not important.

        I really enjoy your blog. Thanks and keep it up!

  3. cliff arroyo says:

    I’m an American citizen, originally from Crazyland (aka Florida). But I’ve lived a looooong time in Poland (let’s say over two decades and leave it at that).
    I still support second wave feminism (most of it) but third wave went off the rails and as far as I’m concerned there is no functioning feminism now, it’s a dead movement — a bunch of crazy people have killed it and are wearing its skin. If it were somehow revived (taking on things like burkas and fgm and the like) I could be won back.
    Why is such a usually well-run country like the Bundesrepublik incapable of fielding anyone who can displace Merkel? I was kind of neutral about her for years but she’s turned into pure poison…

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