The New Counterculture (yeah, really) and its Chief Guru

What used to be mainstream progressive values are now enshrined establishment values. This means that rebellion (always of interest to the young) cannot really be productively pursued by advocating for ever more progressive values. That way madness lies.

This means that youth rebellion will be channeled in different directions. It’s not the Conservatism is the New Counter Culture but that ‘conservative’ is the closest name we’ve got so far for the  New Counter Culture which is embodied in the memo – which, nota bene, is causing disgust and distress among the establishment which is reacting like all establishments when a younger generation rejects their reality.

The guy who wrote it seems to have been listening to a lot of Jordan Peterson (much of the language is more or less taken verbatim from his online lectures).

I’ve been thinking for some time now that Peterson is, overall, the most articulate and impressive spokesmen for the New Counter Culture. He’s just announced a whole bunch of new projects which promise to have a very big influence on a lot of people.


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3 Responses to The New Counterculture (yeah, really) and its Chief Guru

  1. goldsteinweb says:

    Hey, thank you for bringing up this google memo. I write a lot about google recently on my blog and will have a look at it.

    It goes without saying that we all are a bit unsure how to decribe that counter culture. The stupid word ‘alt-right’ had a brief career because of it until people sourced it to the idiots who coined it. Now, there is no label, but what is it?

    I started to think of it in terms of the heads involved and who represents it best. Jordan Peterssen [genderism] is clearly there. I find Somali born feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali [Islamism] equally eloquent. Gay British author Douglas Murray [EU], too.

    In fact the public figures always run with a main issue and it is hard to find a good representation of what’s going on. My best anchor at the moment is the most recent incarnation of Ann Coulter, the anti-war, anti-Wall-Street, anti-nepotism (Trump, watch out!) Ann Coulter, who is largely oblivious of tax code stuff and (minor+probably false) sexual harrassment claims. In other words, that Ann Coulter who is the opposite of her former self and who is playing it on many fields. I would also say that she kicked much of it off. And yet she is still nuts in many areas and does not represent it well. Maybe Joel Pollack (Harvard degree in climate science and a sceptic with a broad range of topics). But then again, I don’t think people rebel against climate science (most agree with the current consensus). I don’t follow him intensively. He may also be nuts on some fields. David Horrowitz is sometimes too partisan and too loose with the facts. Tough.

    In English the word populism does work a bit. But that cannot be translated to German and I bet neither to Polish because it is either a pure smear word or associated with less ideal people.

    I think the common denominator is libertarianism yet with enough government for reasonable welfare and defence. The part that makes it so hard to figure is that people are unpolitical until their issue is hit and they think the authoritarians are just about their issue. That is why populism plays a big role. The EU, as problematic as it is, cannot be felt and is largely hidden in the media. Hence for many the resistance only starts where the EU meddles with their lives directly. To speak about the lack of democracy, the subsidy policy, the opaque money flows, the (hidden) support for terrorism (in Israel) and the sheer concentration of power will not reach people. You have to say that they want more immigrants in your neighbourhood and take away your right to protest it.

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