Net Ads Depress Me Yet Again….

One reason I’ve skipped the last few days is that the big translation project left the more interesting translate-the-text phase and entered the far less interesting proofreading stage (there are five or six of us on the project and we’re supposed to proofread each other’s work). In addition there have been some style changes from the project coordinator (actually imposition of the beginnings of a style onto the chaos of the originals from several different fields and following different reference styles). I agree that it’s necessary but it also means going through texts again and re-locating footnotes and mucking around with the references for various reasons. Necessary but very tedious.

Anyhoo, one of the articles I translated was about some local history in an area that was Germany before WIII and Poland afterward. Part of that history touched on the topic of Nazi forced euthanasia against the mentally ill. I won’t go into details, it was awful and depressing to read about much less translate. Now as part of the reference work I needed to fill out some info on some of the citations which led me to a couple of hours of mucking around in German looking for bibliographical information on one of the authors who’s spent a long time documenting that particular horror.

Now, the online ads I see are overwhelmingly books in German on Nazi euthanasia. Thanks internet! You really know how to cheer a guy up!

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1 Response to Net Ads Depress Me Yet Again….

  1. goldsteinweb says:

    I really wonder what that area that was Germany before WIII (3rd WW) and Poland afterward will be. Take Berlin, please. No, take all of the country, just get rid of our government.

    Proofreading is tedious. I never do it and always publish errors.

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