The Glorious Victory of the Proper Ideology

One of my many personal failings (or defects of character if you will) is a deep love of propaganda. Intellectually I can hate and despise (or simply not accept) the message or the people that put it together, but the form itself makes me almost giddy with happiness. The subject matter almost doesn’t matter, it’s the form I find so compelling. I’m sure this says something terrible about me, but I think I’d rather not know.

With that in mind, I’ve been watching North Korean movies on youtube (that have English subtitles). And they are mostly kind of great. Hugely entertaining for a mind like mine. Yes, I realize the suffering of the people there was and is and likely will be terrible and the government is foul and evil… and part of me feels guilty about this, but part of me is also saying damn, they make fun movies.

I might start reviewing some of them…


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