Getting Ahead Through Getting Sick

I’ve mentioned before that getting sick is an effective way of solving many problems in Poland. The experience of a very good friend of mine is a case in point.

This friend works within an institution providing  a taxpayer funded service (being as general as possible here). Anyhoo, the workplace was very toxic. My friend is all about doing the job with no drama or gossip or office politics but this was becoming impossible. This was due primarily to the director who combined arrogance, lack of management and people skills and incompetence (and an ignorance about his failings) in one big crappy package. A bookkeeper was a secondary, but significant, source of conflict.

Things started reaching a head when, during an absence by the director, a potential challenger who’d been making noises about replacing the director was arrested at work and led off in handcuffs (for reasons of corruption which are now under investigation). Shortly thereafter the bookkeeper was fired.

My friend was ready to walk away from this whole shitstorm (and had been for months with a regularly updated resignation letter at the ready) but decided to get sick leave instead (for real conditions that have to be dealt with). A few days into the sick leave he found out that the director had been fired (and the bookkeeper was back but somewhat de-fanged).

Then my friend found out that the old director had intended to fire him (and had the paperwork ready) but couldn’t because D-Day ended up being the first day of his sick leave.

When he did finally did go back the temporary acting director offered him a raise and better working conditions. Things are better there, but still not great and the friend is slowly looking for another job. And a bit of luck with a well-timed illness will give him some breathing room while searching.

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  1. goldsteinweb says:

    Hey, I know you are not very happy about your government, but I just want to express my gratitude to Poland that your country apparently files a complaint about Germany’s human right violations when it comes to free speech. It looks like Arkadiusz Mularczyk would address the matter with the president of the Council of Europe. I don’t have more information at this point, but I see it as a small sign of hope.

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