Internet Getting Worse Dept, File #34 Finding Songs Through Their Melodies

This is just more proof of the internet getting worse with each new update and every iphone sold. A few years ago I wanted to know the name of a piece of classical music. I googled something like ‘find song by melody’ and a few pages came up. The first or second page was easy enough to use (I think it was based on entering notes on a stave) that within a few minutes of tinkering I found the name of the piece in question (Arabesque by Debussy for the curious).

Today I heard a composition on the radio (it sounded familiar and I thought it sounded like a film soundtrack). Wanting to know what it was, I went to google and entered the same kind of phrase. And all the pages that showed up were useless. They were not only passively useless (I can deal with those) but aggressively useless in that they prevent you from finding what you want by hogging the results.

About nine tenths of the hits were articles about mobile phone apps. One of the few potentially useful hits ended up being terrible as it kept freezing (the newest update to Firefox makes more and more pages useless this way, part of their multi-pronged policy of self-immolation). Other sites where you hum the melody were even worse as they just fed back a bunch of pop crap that sounded nothing remotely like the song in question.

The way I finally found the song was to think to go to the stations website where they list their playlist by the hour. I quickly found it there (The instrumental version of The Wings, from the soundtrack to Brokeback Mountain for the curious).

Everything useful in the internet or personal computers seems to come from before 2006 or so. EVERYTHING that has come since represents a net loss of usefulness for anyone but brainless consumers.

There was plenty of crap on the internet before the cut off but it was also easy to avoid it and find the useful information. That’s getting harder and harder.

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