Decadence Art and Debasement

I enjoy my share of decadent art, from low to high. From Die Dreigroschenoper by Brecht and Weill to John Water’s Female Trouble (probably his best movie).

Such are the dreams of an everyday barmaid…

But the problem with decadence is that it burns outself out into nihilism because like rebellion decadence needs some kind of order to be judged against. When all art is decadent it stops being art and turns into nothingness.

In context, this actually makes perfect sense

Which brings is to the women (no link, no publicity) who won an arts award for a…. something a ‘hybrid’ art project where she lived with dogs, breastfed a puppy and had one of her eggs was ‘fertilized’ with “dog cell” (sperm in one account a fat cell in another).

This is not art and has nothing to say about anything beyond the lengths some will go through for the merest tast of fame. This is simple self-defilement. She symbolically fucked a dog and got an award for it. If this isn’t a sign of cultural implosion and collapse I don’t know what is.

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